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In the 1st Year, I won the Gold medal Prize, the 5th Thai Youth Musician Competition (Solo Violin). In 2nd and 3rd year, I won the Second Prize, AMEB violin competition and The First Prize, Violin Completion, and then I became a Soloist of Dr. Sax Chamber Orchestra. I finished my Graduation Recital and got the Highest Point of the Pre-College. I have performed in Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria, Canada, China, America and Egypt. I’m not only a musician but also a composer and arranger. I wrote Classical Music, Contemporary Music, Popular Music, Thai Classical Music, and Music for Universities or Institutes. I won the Children Song Competition and the First Prize of Mahidol University International College (MUIC) Song Competition. In 2004, I established the musician group called “Payoon-Noi Entertainment” for recording, playing and teaching. In 2004-2007, I studied in College of Music Mahidol University with Major Violin Teacher, Inga Causa. I have been the concertmaster of Mahidol Chamber Orchestra (MCO) and Mahidol Pop Orchestra(MPO), I won the Gold medal Prize, the 8th Settrade Thai Youth Musician Competition (Solo Violin) in the Undergraduate Level, I was a soloist of Dr. Sax Chamber Orchestra in 2005-2007 . I performed My junior and Senior Recital at Music Auditorium of Mahidol University and got the First Class Honors from The University. While I was studying in the University, My friends were talking about the way after graduated. I heard an interesting idea to study in Europe from my friend and then I began finding the University where I can study in post-graduated level. I was looking in the internet, asking my teacher and reading several books. In that time, I found the University of Liverpool from my friend. I already visited the University’s web site in which I saw the great history, beautiful city, and good activities. I think, I will have a good life in Liverpool because my friend’s home is located near Liverpool and I know many people who graduated from England. Everyone agree with me and my parent about my study planing in England. I expect that the University of Liverpool will be my best place to study where I can develop my skill and knowledge. Competition o The First Prize, International Youth Chamber Music Competition (IYCC) at Interlaken, Switzerland o Gold Medal Prize, 8th Settrade Thai Youth Musician Competition o The First Prize, Thai Youth Violin Competition o Silver Medal Prize, Australian Music Examination Board (EMEB) Violin Competition o Gold Medal Prize, 5th Thai Youth Musician Competition (Violin) o Silver Medal Prize, 4th Thai Youth Musician Competition (Viola) Important Experiences o “Summer’s Night Fantasy” Violin Recital, AUA Auditorium, Chiangmai o Kamol Buranakul Senior Recital (25 March 2008) o Baroque & Romantic Night Violin Recutal, Chiangmai o Concert in Germany and Switzerland (08 – 16 July 2007) o Concertmaster of Mahidol Chamber Orchestra (2006-2008) o Concertmaster of Mahidol Pop Orchestra (2006-2008) o Solo Night No.1-4 (Solo With Dr. Sax Chamber Orchestra) o Member of Thailand Philharmornic Orchestra (TPO) (2005) o Music Seminar and Concert in Toronto, Canada o Music Seminar and Concert in Beijing,China o Member of Southeast Asian Youth Orchestra (SAYOWE 2003-2005) o Music Seminar and Concert in Austria o Music Workshop and Concert (Maui Music Festival) in Hawaii,USA o "Venessa Mae, Venessa Mae Live in Bankok" o Member of World Peace Philharmonic Orchestra o Member of Salaya Chamber Orchestra (2001-2007) o Member of Mahidol University Symphony Orchestra (2001) o Music Camp and Concert in Hungary and Austria o Zusuki Concert in Bankok 2000,1999, 1998 o Member of Dr.Sax Chamber Orchestra (1997-2007) Special Recording o “The Travel” Payoon-Noi String Quartet Compositions by K.Buranakul, C.Niyomsub, F.M. Veracini, J. Pachelbel Producer: Payoon-Noi Entertainment Music Director: Kamol Buranakul o “The Sun Will Always Rise” Violin & Piano Compositions by K.Buranakul, F. Drdla, J. Masenet, A. Dvorak, F. Schubert Producer: Payoon-Noi Entertainment Music Director: Kamol Buranakul o “ Silpsaithai String Quintet” Thai Chassical Melody, Arranged by K. Buranakul Music Director: Mr.Saharat Junchalerm o “Payoon-Noi, Music for Chirldren” Composer, Arranger and Sound Engineer: Kamol Buranakul College Artist Music Director: Kamol Buranakul Producer: Payoon-Noi Entertainment o “The Four Seasons” Solo With Dr.Sax Chamber Orchestra o “The First Prize” Dr.Sax Chamber Orchestra o “ Sri Ayuthaya” Solo With Dr.Sax Chamber Orchestra o “Krissada-Piniharn” Dr.Sax Chamber Orchestra o “Blue Danube” Dr.Sax Chamber Orchestra o “1st Album of Dr.Sax Chamber Orchestra o “Payoon-Noi, Music for Children”

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